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Hi, I’m Samantha Nolan-Smith, business alignment coach to women the world over.about at the cafe resize 600 rounded 200

I love supporting women who are ready to change the world for good by breaking down all those old stories about what’s possible for women. You know the ones that told us there’s a limit to the amount of money we can earn, the types of careers we should have, the things we’re allowed to say, and the lifestyles we can create?

Yep, I work with clients to let go of all of that and dream a bigger dream, both for themselves and for the world. Then I give them both the tools and a roadmap for making it happen.

I work with women who want to start or build an online business.

I work with coaches, yoga teachers, healers, and therapists who already have in person businesses and want to move them online.

I work with creatives (writers, dancers, actors, artists) who know the online world is important to their work but aren’t sure how to navigate it so they can share their art with the masses.

Most of all I work with women who want are eager to change the game – to step into their leadership potential and re-invent what it is to be a working woman. 

Personal development is baked into the business operations of every person I work with because if there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s this; business strategy is only ever truly effective when you’ve first done the inner work. 

A bit more about me

  1. I started my career very sensibly. I studied English literature, philosophy and law. I worked in corporate law firms, community legal centres, the voluntary sector, a number of government agencies, and private companies.
  2. I travelled a lot, living in five cities and one tiny village, in four different countries. At one point I found myself crewing a 200 foot tall ship from Canada to the Bahamas. I met people who for all intents and purposes live on the sea and started wondering whether I could create a life more interesting and creative than getting the best job I could, buying a house, finding a guy and settling down.
  3. I dedicated a decade of my life working with Aboriginal people in Australia where I learned a huge amount about community and culture, about the psychology of scarcity which keeps us living smaller lives than we deserve, and about the capacity of human beings to adapt and survive.
  4. I ventured off the traditional path when I became disillusioned with working in an office, under strip lighting, breathing reconditioned air. I was suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue, sometimes all at once. Changes were needed. Big ones. I knew that 9-5 wasn’t going to work for me anymore and that my dream of changing the world needed to reign itself into something more manageable. I started with myself.
  5. I put myself through an intensive apprenticeship on what it takes to be happy. I kept hearing about this thing we call ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’ and I knew that more than anything, I wanted to experience it. So I trained as a yoga teacher. I became a Journey Practitioner and worked with Journey founder Brandon Bays managing logistics and teaching yoga at her seminars throughout Europe and Norabout rocks rounded resize 600th America. I sat with gurus in India and eventually, I stopped looking outward for the answers to life’s big questions.
  6. I’ve let go of a lot to be where I am today, including relationships I thought were going to last forever and the career path I’d worked so hard to establish.
  7. I’m not one of those ‘I’ve been entrepreneurial since the day I was born’ type of people. In fact, I initially wasn’t keen at all to start my own business but after searching in vein for my dream job and lifestyle, I realised that if it was going to become a reality, I would need to create it myself.
  8. I live in a beach-side village with my husband and young daughter. Because I’m big on re-inventing women’s roles in business and in life, my husband and I share our domestic and parental responsibilities 50/50, with each of us dividing our week into 4 days of work and 3 days of play. (And given that we both think of our work as play, in truth we get to play 7 days a week!)
  9. Despite my best efforts to just read one book at a time, I always have 2 or 3 on the go at once. I work bare foot, am obsessed with green tea and wasabi peas, and meet and do my best writing in cafes over brunch.

Through all of this, here’s what I’ve learned; when people decide to work on themselves, when they have the courage to turn within and when they’re committed to change, then anything is possible.

I’ve also learned that when individuals change, families, communities and nations follow and that this is the way we change the world; one person at a time having the courage to change the game and let their light shine brightly.

Formal qualifications

LLB/BA from the University of NSW (with a lovely semester at the University of British Columbia thrown in the mix), BA (Hons) from Monash University, GDLP from the College of Law, registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, qualified Journey Practitioner, and currently undergoing certification as a Compassion Key Practitioner.

Media bio

Samantha Nolan-Smith is a business alignment coach and strategist who supports women to step into their leadership potential and embrace their feminine power.

Samantha is the founder of Change the Game – an e-book, podcast and leadership and business mastermind program for female creatives, healers and entrepreneurs.

Samantha is available for interviews and speaking engagements on the following topics:

  • Changing the game – working women redefining the way they live and work
  • Build your online business – the inside story of what it takes to succeed online
  • Building your business from the inside out – personal development for entrepreneurs
  • Creating sustainable success – wellbeing and self care for business owners.

To contact Samantha please email info(at)samanthanolansmith(dot)com

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E: info(at)samanthanolansmith(dot)com
P: +61 457 055 797 or via skype (username: dakinigrace)
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