Been doing personal development work for a while?

Long enough to know there's no magic bullet?

That the path to enlightenment can be incredibly frustrating at times?

That you're going to have to work at this for a while, maybe a lifetime (or two)?

Looking for a community that gets you?

That understands what it takes to work through your stuff?

People who know that on some days you'll be a manifesting maven and on others you'll wonder if you even understand what the term means?


We all want to be inspired by the company we keep.
We all want to live happy and free.
That's what The Freedom Collective is all about. It's what we do best.
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Hi, I'm Samantha Nolan-Smith.

You can find out more about me here and this is a snapshot of my freedom journey. Suffice to say I'm a long time freedom lover. I'm inspired by a world where swathes of people (and eventually the whole world) live in freedom - financial and economic, social, political, spiritual, creative and emotional.

I believe the quickest way to achieve that is to turn within.

After trying to change the outside world for many years, I eventually reversed the equation and moved from the inside, out. And guess what? It worked. Freedom is no longer an elusive, maybe, one day thing in my world. It's here, now. Everyday.

And so it will be for you.