'You've seen my descent. Now watch my rising.'
- Rumi

A fulfilled woman is a visible woman. One who is seen for the truth of herself. One whose opinions are heard and respected. One who knows her own mind and shares it with ease. One who's comfortable being herself in all circumstances. One who knows the power of authenticity.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You don't feel comfortable speaking your needs and so end up overworked by not setting healthy boundaries
  • When you disagree with someone's opinion, you want to speak up but end up being diplomatic to keep the peace
  • You don't feel confident enough to back yourself and go all out in your business
  • You find yourself being spoken over the top of
  • You don't ask for what you need but do spend a LOT of time taking care of other people's needs
  • You don't put yourself forward for opportunities you'd actually love to be a part of
  • You're extremely careful about the opinions you post on social media
  • You feel icky about marketing your business and procrastinate around doing the things you know you need to do

You're not alone. As a woman, you've had years of conditioning that's kept you quiet and small. Society has been operating from a male centric/patriarchal perspective for quite some time now...

And perhaps you've been trying to change things in your own life. You've become aware that you're no longer comfortable playing the small and subservient role and you've been trying to speak up more, share your ideas, and/or promote yourself or your business. 

But it's all been a bit two steps forward, one step back. 

Of course it has. We're talking YEARS (decades, centuries, lifetimes) of conditioning we're working to overcome. It was after all, approximately the end of the 8th century BC that Athene declared in Homer's Odyssey that 'Speech will be the business of men...' 

And that's the other thing to keep in mind; we're not just talking about limiting beliefs and ideas you've picked up in your own life. It's the collective consciousness too. 

We're all tapped into that and it's affecting the way we are seen and heard in our homes, in our communities, in our work places, our businesses, and in public spaces. 

It's time to change all of that

Here's what happens when you step into your birthright as a visible woman

You stop second guessing yourself and start confidently sharing your passionate self with the world

People respect your opinions and your boundaries

Opportunities open up to you that simply weren't there before. Life becomes much easier and more effortless

Libby Blakemore

I really like that visibility has been approached from a much deeper, richer, intellectual perspective - the history of women and power which I really connect with, is very motivating. I've also really enjoyed the exercises and the clearing and I like the approach that there will be resistance and then we investigate why and then we clear it.

Libby Blakemore, Sydney, Australia

Here's what won't create the change you're looking for...

  • Trying to think positively about it (you simply can't positive think your way through centuries of patriarchal conditioning and mindset)
  • Getting another qualification (you don't need to be more educated, you need to be better known)
  • Faking it until you make it (here's what happens when you do that; you end up suffering from imposter syndrome because very significant parts of you just don't believe the game you're playing)
  • Beating yourself up (achieves nothing useful. Please stop)
  • Thinking about being more visible (excuse my language but thought without action really is the equivalent of mental masturbation. It's not going to get you more visible but heh... it might feel good!)
  • Resolving to change your behaviour and then not following through (visibility blocks again! Yep, they stop you following through)

If any of that sounds familiar, don't worry; we've all been there. If only we could wave a magic wand and all of our visibility blocks would disappear... 

I know, I've wished the same thing many times. 

We've all tried short cuts, hoped for quick fixes, prayed that the blocks would just disappear without us having to do the inner work. 

You might even have tried one of my personal favourites; getting really busy as a way of convincing myself that I am actually doing what's needed to get myself out there and play a bigger game. 

Here's the thing; without first clearing your visibility blocks, you'll always choose the wrong kind of behaviour. The kind that doesn't actually move the needle for you. 

You'll end up chasing your tail, feeling frustrated, like nothing's actually working, and confused about why it seems so much easier for other people.

Ready to try something different?

A Visible Woman is an 8 week investigation into six key areas of visibility for women. You'll spend five days on each area and each day you'll be prompted (gently by me) to uncover another way that you've been hiding out or staying smaller than you need to.

With the six modules you'll receive a daily prompt; an email containing a sacred healing story, an invitation to journal, an audio recording to support you to clear out what you're uncovering, a series of powerful questions to reveal any limitations and free you from them. 

You can choose to make a daily habit out of the course, turning it into a visibility practice where each day you attend to the task for the day before getting on with your day, or you might take it in the evening each night before bed. Each prompt will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to engage with. 

Alternatively you might save the daily prompts and work through each module in one go at the end of each of the five days. 

Either way, the course is designed to fit into your lifestyle and go 'deep light' - clearing out at the deepest layers without overwhelming you and at times, without you even noticing what's happened! We go for effortless transformation in these parts.  

During our time together, you'll uncover how your visibility blocks look differently in your personal, professional, and public life, and you'll learn techniques for clearing out what you uncover.

The six modules cover the following key areas:

In addition, you'll receive access to:

  • Three LIVE up-level calls

    These three LIVE up-level calls will be focused on shifting you from your current level of visibility to your desired level of visibility.

    We’re all operating at a certain visibility setting; a level that we’re comfortable with. In order to become more visible, we need to shift that setting. 

    You know those moments on social media when you write a post, sharing something that matters to you, and all you hear are crickets on the other end? OK, perhaps your mum likes it, but that’s about it? 

    But then you notice that a post that isn’t as interesting as yours – and in fact might be far less interesting – has a huge amount of engagement?

    That’s all connected to your current visibility setting. 

    So that’s what we’ll be doing on the calls. Changing your setting. Up-levelling it. 

    In each call we’ll be focusing on a different aspect of visibility: I am seen, I am heard, and I am fully expressed.

  • Opening and closing rituals

    Your experience of A Visible Woman will also begin and end with LIVE calls.

    At the beginning of the program you’ll undergo a visibility initiation ritual to connect you with your fellow Visible Women and set you up for an harmonious and supportive exploration of the topics to come.

    We’ll also look at the all important issue of permission – granting yourself permission to be seen and heard – so we can kick off the program with a big YES to becoming the visible woman you know is within, just itching to reveal herself!

    At the end of the program you’ll undergo an embodiment ritual so you can shift from the experience of desiring visibility to actually embodying it in every moment.

  • Private online visibility group

    Finally, you’ll be granted access to a private online visibility group where you’ll have the opportunity to uncover visibility blocks and partner with like-minded women, on an ongoing basis.

    This is more than a group to support you during the 30 days. It’s a space that’ll provide you with a platform for your future visibility endeavours for many years to come.

    During the live round of A Visible Woman I’ll be in the group multiple times a week providing support and guidance. I’ll also host office hours each week to be sure all of your questions and comments are answered. 

    When A Visible Woman isn’t running live, I’ll still jump in weekly to provide support and guidance and we’ll hold quarterly live Q&As with the group to keep us all moving up the visibility spiral together.

In A Visible Woman you'll:

Get really comfortable with speaking up and with having your opinions heard (without feeling anxious or worried about how people might respond)

Become far more consistent with your visibility efforts, whether that's with your partner, your boss, or in your business

Feel confident about expressing your needs and having them met (without having to martyr yourself, attending to everyone else's needs before your own)

A Visible Woman is currently closed. It will open again for registration on 15 September 2017. If you'd like to be notified when it opens, please let us know at info(at)samanthanolansmith(dot)com

A Visible Woman costs USD$333.

Who'll be your chief cheerleader along the road to visibility?

That'd be me; Samantha Nolan-Smith. 

I help women overcome their visibility blocks so they can shine their light and change the world for good.

I also support women to build businesses and side gigs, and become authentic leaders in their fields, all whilst working differently (with less hustle, more ease, and in alignment with your heart and soul).

You can find out more about me right here if you'd like.

Nothing changes until you change. As women we could spend our whole lives bemoaning the state of the world.

Yes, the patriarchy has created systemic inequalities. Yes, in many environments we've been silenced and disregarded and disrespected... For a LONG time. And yes, women have to work three times as hard to get half the recognition that a man gets.

So what now?

You can try and overcome these inequalities alone if you like. (I'll save you some time; that doesn't work.)

Or you can try and do the work to change society itself. (I've tried that too and yes change is definitely possible via this route but it tends to be slow, painful, and filled with antagonism.)

You know what's better and faster and more effective than either of those options? Doing the inner work with a supportive community of women who've all got your back.

When you do the inner work, you shift things at the deepest levels of existence. You literally re-write reality.

And when you work in a group setting like the one we offer in A Visible Woman, you raise each other up so no one gets left behind.

Jo Bolden

I've been having such fun and experiencing such joy after the visibility class! Around stepping into my power and not apologising for 'only' being me. Stuff that has held on for so long is just falling away. There have been fearful moments but the HUGE uncoverings I had in the class have shed light on a whole bunch of made up, old and worn out stories that I don't even have the energy to run and retell anymore. Feeling so much lighter. 

Jo Bolden, Los Angeles, USA

A Visible Woman is for you if:

You're ready to be free of the things that are holding you back from being fully yourself in your relationships

You know it's time to start promoting yourself and your ideas in your business or workplace (and you're ready to realise the financial benefits that flow from confidently speaking up)

You're ready to be far more authentically visible and fully expressing yourself in all the ways your heart desires

I believe the world will be a better place when you are fully visible, fully expressed, and shining your light as brightly as possible.

I'm committed to doing everything I can to support you in that journey.

Want to see what's possible?

A Visible Woman is currently closed. It will open again for registration on 15 September 2017. If you'd like to be notified when it opens, please let us know at info(at)samanthanolansmith(dot)com

A Visible Woman costs USD$333.

Frequently asked questions

I don't have a lot of time, what's the time commitment? +

My suggestion is to spend up to 30 minutes a day for the month that we're live with the program. Some days will take less. Because we explore each topic over five days, some days are an invitation to reflect on an issue and you'll do that as you're going about your day. Some days might require some journalling, while on others you'll just be listening and following along with a ten minute clearing session.

Think of it like your morning visibility ritual in the same way you might think of doing exercise. You simply, get up, do your 30 minutes of inner work and then get on with your day.

When does the course start? +

We kick off on 1 August with our visibility initiation call happening that week. You start receiving your visibility prompts and exercises from the following Monday 7 August. The program ends with our embodiment ritual on 6 September 2017.

What's the price and what currency do you charge in? +

The price of the program is USD$333.

What if I don't like the course, do you offer refunds? +

There's a 7 day refund period available once the course starts from 1-7 August 2017. We don't give refunds for change of mind before that so please keep that in mind when purchasing the course. If however, once you've started the course, if you participate in the live call and engage with the materials in the first week and it's really not what you expected, then you'll be refunded in full minus an administration fee of $33.

How long will I have access to the program materials? +

For the life of the program (and beyond given most everything will be downloadable). The online group is an ongoing place for you to explore visibility issues beyond the life of the program and as an alumni you'll also be invited to participate in the group each time we offer the program live (and of course you'll be free to work through the materials again and again in your own time).

Who's the program for? +

Women. Any and all women, but specifically women who are feeling the pull to be more visible in their business or life. Perhaps you've heard your soul's calling and you're longing to step into that but you feel frightened to do so. Perhaps you are just tired of being ignored or scared to speak up. If you're reading this, I'm 100% confident the course is for you.

Unless you're a man in which case, what on earth are you doing here? 🙂

I'm part of a community of women who would benefit from this course. Do you offer bulk discounts for groups? +

We offer discounts for groups of 20 or more women who want to do the course together. Please email me at info(at)samanthanolansmith(dot)com for details.