There's a leader within you.

It's time for her to be seen and heard.

The success of your business is intimately connected to your level of visibility. 

If you're a business owner, your business simply can't thrive if people don't know about you or your brand. 

But becoming more visible isn't always as easy as it sounds... 

As women we're also given highly conflicting messages about how we should represent ourselves. 

  • We should be quiet and subdued. We should be loud and proud.
  • We should take our clothes off. We should put more clothes on. 
  • We should speak our minds. We should be careful not to appear too aggressive.
  • We should go on a diet. We should love our bodies just as they are. 

It's enough to make your head spin!

The most natural response to this is to hide. To stay small and quiet. To do what you can to keep safe.  

The world desperately needs more women to lead.

Too many women are terrified of being judged harshly should they take their ideas to the world.

Too many women are afraid of experimenting with their ideas for fear of getting it wrong, of making a mistake, or being criticised

Too many women question themselves. They worry that their products and services aren't good enough. They let other speak first in conversation so they can edit themselves accordingly. 

I believe you have a unique message to share with the world.

I believe you can build a strong, soulful business around that message. 

I believe that the more you share your message, the better the world will be.

I believe there's a community of people who are waiting to hear from you.

You may have noticed that as a business owner it's easy to hide out in busyness.

Perhaps you've decided to put yourself out there and then found yourself very busy with anything other than pitching your business to a potential client or media agency.

Perhaps you started down the line of promoting yourself and just couldn't be consistent about it (feeling confident for a day or two and then retreating for the next few weeks or months). 

Perhaps you've spent so much of your life adapting to other people's needs and views that you've lost sight of yourself. 

Here's what happens when you hide out; you get stuck. Your business comes to a standstill. 

And then...

bullet pointYou don't attract the right people to your business to help you grow it

You don't ask for the sale

bullet pointYou don't pitch the media 

You feel disconnected from your purpose, your tribe, your customers and clients

bullet pointYou become frustrated and wonder if you should just give up altogether

Or you don't go into business in the first place - staying instead in your safe and comfortable (if uninspiring) job.


Initially I felt hesitation around taking 'yet another course' and wondered whether I was procrastinating rather than getting to work. I am in the process of setting up my website to make my business more visible and I was finding the process much harder than I had expected. I started to wonder whether I had an issue with being seen. The Age of Visibility program spoke directly to that problem.

I really like that The Age of Visibility comes from a much deeper, richer, intellectual perspective - the history of women and power which I really connect with and is very motivating.

I like the approach that there will be resistance and then we investigate why and then we need to clear it. I am really re-thinking and trying to work differently, much more gently and in tune with my body. Initially I was sacred to take action but I had such supportive feedback that it made me feel much less daunted about 'marketing'. I've started to think about it as making connections with people, gently.

I feel so much better about being visible and the website things I've been working on while doing the course don't feel nearly as big or as hard as they did.

Libby Blakemore
Libby Blakemore Relationship coach

There were so many valuable aspects of The Age of Visibility! But if I had to pick one I would say it was the practical action steps we had to do for our business, somehow they were framed in a way that made me keep pace with the course.

On other courses they might have given practical steps too but it was easy to keep going without doing them. I guess it was the way this course builds each week on the results of your actions that was the key.

I'm feeling more confident about my business idea, I'm feeling more motivated to work on it, I feel happier and I feel like I have a better understanding of marketing and running a business and I'm more aware of when I feel resistance and what's causing it.

I would definitely recommend it to other people. It's well presented, easy to understand and has tons of practical steps as well as tons of inner work.

Katherine Wooton Joyce
Katherine Wooton Joyce Benny the Blue Whale

Hi, I'm Samantha Nolan-Smith, the founder of The Age of Visibility.

I've been running an online business for 8 years. When I started back in 2009 I was scared. I didn't want to run a business but I was sick. In fact, I'd been chronically sick for your years. 

By that point it was clear I couldn't hold down my beloved traditional job anymore and I had only one place left to turn; online.

I learned everything I could about building a business in this space and I built my own successful yoga and energy healing business.

I built it through my blog and word of mouth and overtime all the pieces of the puzzle came together except one; the visibility piece. I just wasn't doing enough to be visible to a broader audience. 

As a result, I built a small and very loyal, high converting tribe filled with amazing people. 

That was brilliant. But every time I tried to grow my numbers I'd struggle. 

I'd struggle because I was terrified of being seen by a larger and unknown public.

That fear meant that every time I'd try to commit to something that increased my visibility, I'd suddenly find myself very busy on other 'important' tasks. 

Part of the problem was that the only model of visibility I saw in the online space was based on 'hustling'. (Which was about as far as I could imagine from my idea of how I wanted to build my business.) 

I didn't know any other way though. 

What I knew for sure what that if I kept taking the unconventional inside/out approach to business building that I'd developed, eventually something would shift. 

And it did. 

When it finally dawned on me that the missing piece was about visibility, I didn't take any action until I'd done some inner work. (Quite a lot of inner work actually.)

I used the tools I've used with others for many years to uncover and clear out all my visibility blocks. 

I also applied everything I've taught over the last 8 years about living and working in connection with the energy of the feminine. 

And eventually I uncovered a new way of being visible (a hustle-free way). 

Here's what came my way every time I tried my hustle-free approach; 

I was interviewed on Sky News and in major newspapers in Australia. I was interviewed on people's blogs and in glossy weekend magazines. I started my own podcast and my first guests were musician Ben Lee and online entrepreneurial rockstar Chris Guillebeau. And joy of joys, after years of hating parties and networking events, I actually started enjoying them!

All of this unfolded effortlessly. No hustle necessary! 

That's what I want for you. 

I won't want you to be scrambling for visibility like half the business owners of the world. 

I don't want you to be adding unconscious noise to an already noisy digital space, in the hope that something might eventually gain you some traction. 

I don't want you to be working really hard on the one hand and sabotaging yourself on the other. 

I want to share a new way of being visible with you. One that's consistent with your values and that sees you playing an empowered role in the growing revolution. The one that's happening right now - where women are changing the world, one business, one community, one blog post at a time.

I want to show you a way to do this that draws on the resources you already have at your disposal. I want you to see that being visible is easier than you think. I want you to know the satisfaction of sharing your message with the world, of having people get excited about it, and taking action on it.

The Age of Visibility has been great to gain more clarity on my business values, offering and how to bring it all together. It has helped me to keep on track and stay motivated, I am connected to the Facebook community and a local community of amazing business women.

I loved having clear steps laid out for each stage of the program. Often it can be overwhelming but The Age of Visibility is clear, simple and really powerful.

Michelle Robinson
Michelle Robinson Chasing Vitality

Sam, Clare and the team live their beliefs and commitment to providing the best service with personal awareness, humour, fluidity and focus to create a new paradigm empowering women in business to deliver our inspirations to the world.

Diana Wilkes Healer and Home Care Support

I loved everything about The Age of Visibility. I feel such a sense of clarity around my message/my why. And spontaneous opportunities are arising as a result of being visible!

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, very much. The inside-outside approach would help so many healers and traditionally 'hidden' service providers.

Kate Erlenbusch
Kate Erlenbusch Writer and teacher

Samantha's works has a depth beyond what I have experienced with anyone else - heart-centred, soul-centred and practical too. I would urge all women to take advantage of her offerings - there's always much to be gained, wherever you are at this moment.

Wendy Matthews Banksia Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary

I created the Age of Visibility because...

  • it's very easy to be put off by all the noise of the internet
  • it's very easy to be turned off by all the hustle
  • it's hard to hear your own inner voice when everyone else is shouting at you to learn this secret formula for success
  • the world needs more people like you - authentic, creative, soulful - to be more visible
  • we need to show the world an alternative
  • we need to show the world what it sounds like to be a fully embodied leader, connected to her soul and taking guidance from there. 

It's our time.

Let's show the world a deeper truth.

The Age of Visibility is $695 USD

Buy now

Need a payment plan? Click here to pay USD$235 per month for 3 months.

The Age of Visibility is a 7 week online program

There are 7 steps that we work through to support you in growing your business and becoming more visible in the world. 

  • Each week those modules will be delivered to you via our private membership site. You can expect a whole raft of materials including video and audio materials, visibility worksheets and 'visibility booster' activities. 
  • Every member of 'The Age of Visibility' also receives access to our private Facebook group - a place to stay accountable, to connect and to brainstorm. In that group you'll have the chance to connect with like-minded business women, all of whom are leaders in their own right and many of whom will be perfect people to partner with as you spiral upwards together towards more visibility for you and your brand.
  • I'm also regularly in the forum answering questions and providing support. 

Steps 1, 2 and 3 (the inner work deep dive)

In order to bring you into The Age of Visibility and have you sharing your idea(s) with the world, we start by identifying that idea and doing a deep dive on everything that might be standing in the way of you both embodying and expressing it.

Steps 4, 5 and 6 (getting practical, tactical and strategic)

Once we've done the inner work, it's time to create an entirely new way of thinking about visibility - one that's focused on community, connection and engagement - and wrap your business around that.

  • 1

    A 90 day no-hustle visibility plan

    Personally I hate courses that teach me a whole bunch of stuff but then don't help me create a clear path forward at the end of it. That's why we spend week 7 creating a 90 day no-hustle plan for implementing everything you've learned.
    You'll know who you're going to approach, why and when and you'll be in a position to effortlessly implement your plan with ease.

  • 2

    A new visibility blueprint

    During week 7 we'll also make sure that your new visibility blueprint is in place. It'll form the foundation of how you'll move forward not just over the next 90 days but throughout the life of your business. It'll put all the right things right at the heart of it and will be your touchstone each time you're unsure if you're making the right moves in your business.

  • 3

    The freedom to lead with personality and grace

    In order to step into your space as authentic business/industry leader, you need to be free of old concepts and ideas about who you should be and who you can be.
    - Creatives need to let go of the limitations imposed by a society that's fearful of leading a less conventional lifestyle.
    - Women need to let go of old masculine habits they've picked up over years of working in corporate roles.
    - Former public servants need to let go of the stifling seriousness that comes with working in government where expressing your personality in your writing isn't appropriate or acceptable.
    - And business owners need to let go of ideas they've picked up over years of watching the 'big boys of business' hustle their way to the top.
    That's what this clearing opportunity is all about - releasing all of those stories and restraints so you can be free to find a new way to lead.

And because I love to be generous, The Age of Visibility includes a bonus week where you'll get:

  • An interview with Laura Huxley, founder of Speaker's Little Secret, on the 'how to' of getting and nailing speaking gigs
  • An interview with Brook McCarthy, Digital Marketing Trainer, on understanding social media platforms and finding your best match for you and your brand
  • NB: We regularly review, update and add bonuses so once you're an Age of Visibility member you keep benefitting from the archive we're building!

As a member of The Age of Visibility (which, once you're in, you have access to for life), you can expect:

  • to create an entirely new blueprint for sharing your idea(s) (and your business and brand) in a way that empowers thousands if not millions of people 
  • to build a 90 day hustle-free strategy for increasing your visibility 
  • to feel free from any visibility blocks that have been holding you back from growing your business to the next level
  • to feel fearless about representing yourself and your business (and I don't mean fearless because you're pushing through the fear but fearless because you're genuinely free of fear) 
  • to feel comfortable with being far more visible in your business and life
  • to be far more visible than you were at the beginning of the course (because you'll be taking a whole series of 'visibility booster' actions during our time together). 
Buy now

The Age of Visibility is USD$695

Need a payment plan? Click here to pay USD$235 per month for 3 months.

The Age of Visibility IS for you if:

  • You have a business and want to take it to the next level of visibility (if you're the world's best kept secret, this program is for you)
  • You have a business but you don't currently have a strong community built around it
  • You only know one way to make yourself and your business more visible - by hustling - and you'd like to explore a different way
  • You're in the initial stages of building your business and you want to grow it quickly by getting clear on your message, learning how to leverage visibility opportunities, and by building a strong and vibrant community around you
  • You're committed not just to inner work but to taking action - you're ready to see tangible results
  • You have a message to share with the world (although you definitely don't need to be clear on the exact detail of that yet) and you're unsure how to get it out there
  • You want to build a non-commercial organisation around your message - a not for profit or for purpose organisation.

The Age of Visibility is NOT for you if:

  • You like the idea of going into business, social entrepreneurship or building a 'for purpose' organisation, but that's as far as you've got 
  • You just want to do inner work but aren't yet ready to follow through with action in your business and life
  • You don't have a message to share with the world - you just want to build a business that makes you money and don't really care what that looks like (if you think you might have a message but you're not sure what it is yet, that's perfect; that's what we help you with in the program)
  • You're perfectly comfortable hiding out or staying at your current level of visibility in your business and life
  • You like hustling and doing it all yourself
  • You aren't interested in finding a different way to build your business - one that's effortless and in flow.

I feel like I've come back into the world and stopped hiding. I've shifted more than I expected and would definitely recommend the work to others - you can't help but shift!

Belinda Noakes
Belinda Noakes The Courage Mentor

Oh my God, if you haven't done work visibility work with Sam, please do it now. THE MOST amazing work I've done in a long while (and I've done a lot). Overflowing with gratitude. Sam, you are amazing!

Gulara Vincent
Gulara Vincent Writer and Momentum Mentor

You have a choice; you can keep building your business the way you have been - slowly and with little progress - or you can clear your visibility blocks and rise to the top of your industry with ease (charging prices that reflect your worth, being the positive influence you want to be in the world, and feeling fulfilled in your business and life).

Here's what's included in The Age of Visibility:

  • 7 weeks of tuition including videos and audio recordings, worksheets and specific visibility booster action items
  • A brand new business blueprint and 90 day no-hustle visibility plan to support you in integrating everything you've learned into your day to day business operations
  • A bonus week of interviews with guest experts
  • Access to the private Facebook group for connection, accountability and community
Buy now $695

Need a payment plan? Click here to pay USD$235 per month for 3 months.

Got questions?

  • ?

    How long does The Age of Visibility go for and when does it start?

    The Age of Visibility is a 7 week program (+ a bonus week, taking it to 8 weeks in total) and is available immediately after purchase.

  • ?

    I don't have a business yet, is it too early for me to do this work?

    Personally I wish I'd done a visibility course that included 3 weeks of clearing work when I was starting my business! Given the significant focus on clearing work first, coupled with the emphasis on building a blueprint for your business, I'd suggest it's one of the best things you can do to set up your business on the best possible footing.
    If you've been running a business for a number of years and know that visibility is an issue you need to tackle to take you to the next level, The Age of Visibility is perfect for you and you'll get a huge amount out of the course.
    If you're just considering starting a business in the next few years but have no intentions on taking any significant action between now and then, this is not the course for you.

  • ?

    I'm not sure if I have time to commit to the program...

    The lessons in each module have been divided into easily digestible portions so you can schedule it around the other commitments in your life, doing 30 minutes of work here and 30 minutes of work there, as it's available to you.
    The total time you commit depends entirely on where you are in your business and how familiar you are with doing inner work.
    The Age of Visibility is the kind of thing where you invest time now so you can save it later. Without doing the inner work and then developing a considered approach and focus to building your community and gaining visibility in your industry, you can literally toil for years without making any real progress in your business.

  • ?

    I don't like working in groups, is this the kind of thing I can work through on my own?

    Absolutely. The accountability, brainstorming and networking opportunities available through The Age of Visibility are all incredibly useful but no one is forcing you to work that way. If you prefer to work alone, you can simply work through the materials at your own pace.

  • ?

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, monthly payment plans are available. Simply choose the payment plan button above to set up your monthly subscription.

  • ?

    Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, we offer full refunds up to 15 days after you purchase the program. That way you can try the program for 2 weeks and if at the end of that time it's not for you, we simply ask that you send through your completed worksheets so we know you've made a genuine attempt to participate. Upon receipt of those worksheets, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

  • ?

    What currency do you charge in?

    All prices are in USD.